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The Heart of Teaching

It is my absolute pleasure to host John Fioravante on this stop of his tour.  Take it away, John! I’m grateful to Lisa, my host of this fourth post of THE HEART OF TEACHING TOUR, and to Nonnie Jules of 4WillsPublishing

Nonnie Jules Celebrates Poetry as Love

Thank you all for allowing me to celebrate INTERNATIONAL POETRY MONTH with you by sharing excerpts from my first co-authored poetry book “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…” The Poetry of Forbidden Love.  Here is a bit of the book’s introduction

Liz Gavin and The Upside Down Blog Tour

Today, I’m turning the reigns over to Liz Gavin as she continues her blog tour promoting her latest work, Upside Down. MARKETING INDIE BOOKS (Part 1 of 4) Today I want to share with you my ideas on – CREATING

PAX East 2015 Rundown

It’s that time of year again…PAX East has come and gone and I can finally decompress a little bit and talk about some of the great (and not-so-great) moments from around the convention center this weekend. Panels This year, I

Tap Tap…Is This Thing On?

After years of stopping and starting stories and playing around with structures in my brain, at the end of 2013, I finally sat down and wrote.  I wish I could say that once I started, I couldn’t stop, but that’s

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The Memory of You

“It’s human nature,” he said, “to remember the things that stick out.  The things that are out of the ordinary.  Let’s say you’ve driven 100 miles today and somewhere around mile 10, you hit a rock.  You’d remember hitting the rock,

Capital City

I landed in our nation’s capital yesterday afternoon and immediately hopped on the Metro to get to the apartment we rented. I know that I have an advantage when it comes to public transportation having lived in New York City

Creative Convalescence

I’ve been AWOL lately and perhaps even by my own volition. It’s been a crazy few weeks and I haven’t even had time to think, let alone to decide what I wanted to share with you. In any case, it’s

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Seattle: It’s Not Just About Football

Yes, yes, Seattle is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this week because of the overwhelming ass kicking their champs laid down on Peyton “Embarrassing Is Insulting” Manning and his lackeys.  And while I’m all about it, do you know why Seattle