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As a precocious child, I was often the one in front of the lens.  My father built a studio in our apartment and when my parents separated, he converted my room to the dark room.  I remember us standing under the bright red light, watching images emerge before he let me carefully clip them to the clothesline strung about the room.  But before I was old enough for any of that, I was used to being dolled up.


As I got older and stayed in that gawky phase for about 20 years, my only time around cameras was behind them.  There is at least a 10-year period of my life where very few photos exist.  You’re welcome, society.  I’ve done you a great service.  In my mid-20s, despite my lack of desire to do so, well-intentioned friends pushed me to get back into modeling.  Except that no one was looking for plus sized models then (and because then, they were actually plus sized).

Despite having my face plastered all over the NYC subway for months being featured in an ad for City University of New York, it took me a lot longer to get comfortable enough with myself to get back in front of the lens.  And now, I’ve emerged.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic folks over the years and I’m looking forward to meeting more up and coming photographers.  I love working with artists that are just breaking into the field or looking to break out of the box they find themselves in; I know what it’s like to find yourself recreating the same thing over and over.  Sometimes you just need some different perspective.

Photos and details from each shoot are available in the links below:

The Amazing Nic Chow

Pieces of Me – A Gallery of Self-Portraits

If you’d like to work with me, send me your info through the contact form on this site.  Let’s see what we can create!


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