Sunday Seven – April 26th Edition

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in feeling like this month has been the longest year ever. But here we are, barreling towards May, with no real end in sight for many of us as far as the status quo. Still, I’ve got plenty of reasons to be grateful. Oh yeah, and it’s Sunday.

My plants are finally starting to take off. This weekend, I made some progress in expanding the flower beds (we’d marked them out but they needed more dirt) and in transplanting most of my seedlings. At this point, there are 2 lettuce plants that might still make it but the green beans, cucumbers and bunching onions were definitely ready to be moved.

We finally got the roof done on one of the raised beds. After a few really destructive hail storms took out the garden twice last season, we decided that this year we’d add some protection to the roof of the beds. I have a plan for the sides that hasn’t been completed yet, but it’s finally all starting to come along.

The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for a lot of folks. We know folks in a lot of really sad and fucked up situations. But there’s a lot of really good things happening too. For me, I honestly had to tune out a lot of the noise to sort out fact from fiction and where I could make the greatest impact. I’m grateful that my coach asked me to consider taking a Social Media Break. I can’t say one way or the other how it’s really affected my mental health other than to say that it’s helped me keep my focus where it needs to be.

If I’m being honest, I’m also really grateful my coach got me thinking about reaching out to a nutrition coach friend of mine because this QuaranCushion ain’t gonna lose itself. Just knowing that the accountability is there has helped me tremendously. This week I started being more mindful about what I’m eating and why because let’s face it…a lot of the time, many of us aren’t eating because we’re actually hungry. Honestly, part of the Social Media Fast has been about purging a lot of the constant reminders of what everyone else is doing (or not). I can hear the call of the wild so much clearer when my ego isn’t drowning it out with what I need to keep up with So-and-So or why I’m not just as naturally effervescent as Miss Bubbly Tits McGee.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by so much opportunity when so many around me are not that fortunate. Because the hustle I’ve worked so hard to build has allowed my partner and I to do some Truly Awesome Shit. And because I’m not Miss Bubbly Tits McGee, I don’t feel the need to #insta about it. Instead, I’m happy that we not only CAN but that we DO.

I’ve still kept up with the daily yoga sessions. Some days I only give it five minutes. Some days I’m “on the mat” for fifteen. Some day I may do longer sessions. Maybe not. What’s cool, though, is that it’s become a daily ritual and is something that helps me feel centered and like I am making some progress on some of my goals. This is at least one daily routine I’ve established that’s doing some good and helping keep The QuaranCreep to a minimum.

I’m grateful to have FINALLY found a parking space at a trailhead so I could get an actual hike out of the way. I manged to get 3.5 miles in today at the West Magnolia Trailhead. The snow was deep in parts and I hadn’t brought my trek poles so that was the extent of what I was able to accomplish. This puts me at 7.9/100 miles for my 2020 Hiking Goal.

Yeah, I know I’m behind. Here are some photos to keep you entertained.