Pieces of Me

Perhaps I’m a narcissist.  Perhaps I’m just an available subject.  Perhaps it’s a little of both.  Recently, I decided that it was time to do a series of self-portraits.  I’m calling this “Pieces of Me”.  Some are clear.  Some are abstract.  But they’re all me.

Body dysmorphia is a strange thing.  When I look in the mirror, I don’t see any of this.  When I’m done taking pictures, even when they’re unedited, I often turn my camera around and ask my boyfriend, “Is that really me?”  or “Who is that cute girl?”  Answers always include the words “Yes” and “You”.  For that I can’t be more grateful.  Slowly, I’m becoming more accepting, but it’s a very long road.

So call this what you will, but for me, it’s cathartic and therapeutic.

photo_2[1] photo_3[1] photo_4[1] photo_5[1] photo_1[1] photo_1[1]photo_2[1]photo (4)


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