Capital City

I landed in our nation’s capital yesterday afternoon and immediately hopped on the Metro to get to the apartment we rented. I know that I have an advantage when it comes to public transportation having lived in New York City and now in Boston, but the Metro is so easy to navigate.

We are two short blocks from the Metro while we’re staying in Mount Vernon Square. This historic neighborhood is beautiful, so the fact that we ended up in such a shithole of an apartment surprised me; especially because it didn’t look like this in the photos on airbnb. “Oh great,” he said, “We’re staying in a fourth grader’s bedroom.” I could not disagree. There are so many things wrong with this place, but I’ll save that for the airbnb review. I will say that the saving grace here happens to be the incredibly cool neighbors.

We waited until dusk to make our way to the National Mall to walk the loop. I happened to get some amazing photographs, but the one below happens to be my favorite.


Most of the agenda for this trip is twofold: (1) give The Boy enough space to get more of his second novel completed, (2) get through more of the editing of my first novel, The Place we Went to Yesterday.

Of course it wouldn’t be complete without seeing a few of the sights here: the White House, Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian. Since we have four more days,we’re going to take our time so we can make sure to get our work done too.

Stay tuned!