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90 Days

Wow, there’s been crickets here lately, huh? I promise you that the silence has been neither intentional nor without good reason.  I’ve spent the last few months getting adjusted to a new job, staring at two manuscripts in progress without

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The Place We Went to Yesterday – Reader Q&A

I realize that outside of my circle of beta-readers (who have been nothing short of spectacular, by the way!), that there haven’t been many revelations about the story itself.  So, I decided to open myself up to questions from both

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Beauty Review

If you’ve been following my posts, then you know that I’ve never done this before.  Despite being a “girly girl” and loving all of the perks that come with that (shopping, makeup, spa days, etc.), I had my routine and

I’ve Got a Face That’s Made for Violence

There has been much talk about domestic violence lately thanks to the Ray Rice Incident.  I’ve seen quite a lot of vitriol on both sides of the argument and it’s been rather distressing.  On the one hand, I see people

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