Creative Projects – Updates for Realsies!

Well all, I finally have some updates for you about the site!  I know, I know, it’s about time.  I’ve needed to get around to it.  Sue me.

I received a comment on a post about the fact that my Facebook page comes up significantly higher in a Google search than does my website, so I’ve been working through an SEO plan that a genius website developer/SEO master/marketing guru designed for me.   Given that the site has over 40 pages and the SEO information needed to be unique, it took a few days.  Once the indexes are updated, you’ll be able to find all of the awesomeness contained in these pages far easier.

I’ve been on fire as regards my creative projects and that’s been a really nice change for me.  Too much breaking pivot tables makes Lisa an unhappy girl.  There’s such a thing as balance and I’m still working through that.


I’ve written two new poems that have been posted on the poetry pages.    Not The Middle is about bouncing between depression and mania, something I deal with on a relatively rapid basis.  It’s also about the dichotomy between contentment and resentment; being in control and out of it.  I happen to like it and it’s extremely personal.  I’ve also received several emails about how relatable it is.

Serendipitous Circumstances is a short poem about meeting someone where there is an immediate and irrevocable connection.  Some call it ‘fate’ but around these parts, it’s simply ‘serendipity’ and it happens.  When there are multiple signs and no matter how hard you try to pull away, you just can’t, that’s the magnetism.  That’s the serendipity.

Writing – The Novel

In other news, I’ve made significant progress on the still untitled novel.  I’m up to about 26,000 words of a target between 90,00-95,000.  In all, this has been about 30 hours of work.  Not even the equivalent of a full time work week yet, so I’m super proud.

My niece has had a read-through of all 46 pages and begs me to “write faster”.  This story is one that has been dying to get out of me so it’s been easy to write.  When it’s been through edits, I promise to give you more than a paragraph at a time!

Vocal Projects

I (finally!) received permission from the talent behind Love Songs for Arsonists to release a song featuring my vocals.  I’ve wanted to share this with you since the album release but because of some marketing decisions (which were totally correct, by the way), we held off on making it public.

The song, titled “DNA”, is about two sociopaths that fall in love.  It’s interesting, funny and sad all at the same time.  I’m really happy about the final production and hope that we’ll be attending open mics to help promote the album around Boston.  If you’d like to hear some of the acoustic versions of songs, check out Brian Sfinas’ site and give them a listen.  Hard copies of the CD take about 4 weeks to be pressed and delivered, so order soon and get on the bandwagon.  I assure you it’s going some interesting places.

I’ve also posted some of the voice acting clips I provided for the video game Mutants Rising.  It turns out now that development has either been postponed or cancelled.  I’m not sure which, but it was a really cool experience.  I’d love more opportunities for this and given my mimicking abilities, I can do some fun things for ya’ll if you were interested.


Something that has yet to be pushed out, but will be soon, are ten additional photos.  They’re on the site so feel free to view them now, but they won’t be distributed until sometime this week.  Consider this a VIP preview.  Don’t you feel special?  Well, you should!

If you haven’t discovered this yet, rather than the full size images being available when you click the thumbnail, I’ve linked each individual photo to a page that not only shows a larger view, but tells the story behind each photo.  In my opinion, it’s unique to be at the intersection of photography and writing.  It doesn’t seem to be something that most photographers do these days.

Photos from “Small Reminders, 2014” through “Vintage, 2013” are new and I hope you enjoy them.

This work – the blog, poetry, writing, vocals and photography – are so gratifying and I love receiving feedback (even the negative stuff!) so please feel free to comment or reach out to me directly.

Check back soon for more content!