The Madness Continues

Somehow, I’ve managed to get through the holidays without gaining 40 pounds or insulting anyone.  I hope that you all have managed in much the same way (unless, of course, insulting people is your passion).

I started writing my as-of-yet unnamed novel on Thanksgiving and then put it away until this week.  I’ve managed to get a whopping 23,000+ words done in approximately 25 hours or so.  The story is a very fictionalized tale based on a dear friend who, frankly, has been through hell and back.  Whenever I want to feel like things can’t get worse for me, I think about some of the things she’s been through and I feel completely inspired all over again.

That probably sounds horrible; thinking about someone in a worse situation to make yourself feel better.  I admit that it’s completely selfish but when you find someone inspiring for any reason, I think you owe it to yourself to use that to your advantage.

The fear that this project could be like all of my other writing projects, which is to say that I start strong and never ever finish, is nonexistent.  This is a story that must be told and most will feel like it’s unbelievable but it’s as real as you’re going to get when there are James Frey’s in the world.

So without further ado, here’s a very small taste.  Just don’t blame me if you become a Mauro addicted crackie.  I can only write as fast as my fingers will allow:


“I spent a lot of time with words.  I enjoyed learning the subtleties of language because words have power.  Maria believed that because she could physically overpower most people, she was strong.  Yvette believed that because she could manipulate people to give her what she wanted, she was intelligent.  But I always knew the truth; words are what give you true power.  I tried to choose them wisely but I am, after all, human.  I slip.  I have had plenty of instances where I was neither the rock nor the island.  I was just an animal trapped in a corner, lashing out with my only weapon:  words.”


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