Friday Five

Friday Five

I’d like to kick off this week’s Friday Five Grats with a MAJOR thank you to the extremely talented Jodi Britten.  Jodi is a talented artist who just “gets me”.  For instance, I can reach out to her with a really vague request like “Hey there, can you redesign the banner on my website?” and with practically no direction, very limited revisions and a whole lot of fun in the process, I’ve got a new banner.  So Jodi, thank you!  This week’s first grat goes to you for the incredible work you do, how easy it is to work with you and for your abilities as Mind Reader Extraordinaire!

This week I’m also grateful for a dear friend who sent me an entirely new boho wardrobe.  No kidding.  I opened the box and there were at least 6 dresses, a romper, more than half a dozen new tops and a red purse.  Seriously, I’m on my way to a whole new look.  She knows who she is.  I love you, friend.

My third grat is a repeat, but truthfully, I realize that we’re fortunate to have a different and wondrous sunset set against the most beautiful of backdrops every single day.  Here are two of my favorites from this week:

My fourth grat, and I realize I’m going to be a bit vague about this, is that I’m grateful for the challenges I’ve been presented with lately.  At work, it’s some projects that are a bit of a stretch.  At home, it’s really spending the time to work on myself and get M-E in order. Every time I swear I’m about to break, I find a way and I can really only do that because I know…


I have the kind of friends and family that will not let me fail.

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