Karl Heideck: And the Death Threats Begin

Karl Heideck:  And the Death Threats Begin

I am a pretty active and vocal participant in social media.  It’s how I’m wired, being an extrovert and all.  But I’ve never, until today, had anyone visibly express a desire to have bodily harm caused to me.  I can only think that this person – identified in my ‘Other’ messages in Facebook as Karl Heideck – had his panties in a twist over some of my comments on this Vice article regarding Zoe Quinn.

I hadn’t seen his little death wish until this afternoon because it’s not with much frequency that I’m messaged by people I don’t know, but this was what greeted me when I clicked on the deceptive little (1) next to the link:




I suppose on some level I was shocked and scared and appalled and all of that is true.  But then I just got really angry.  Not only because this cowardly asshole then had the nerve to block me so that I couldn’t report it as abuse to Facebook, but because rather than just express “Hey, I don’t like your opinion”, it was immediately wishing death upon me.

I’m no internet media rising star.  I don’t use my channel on Youtube for anything productive.  And I’m not even offended about being called ‘fat’ because I’ve been called that my whole life.

I’m upset because the easiest thing to do in our society is threaten a woman.  And this person – I won’t even deign to call him a man – thinks it’s okay. Case in point:  this blog post written about him harassing someone else. Here’s an incomplete profile where it’s evident this person has no friends. Or this sad, little lonely thing.  Supposedly he’s an attorney, so you’d think he’d know better.

When the best picture you can take – because let’s face it, that’s what your FB profile picture ought to be whether or not you’re trying to snag someone – is with former WWE wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, it’s a lonely life indeed.  I did Piper the honor of removing him from Heideck’s profile picture because I’m sure he doesn’t want his fans being associated with stupid antics such as these.  There’s throwing a chair in a ring and then there’s wishing someone shoved a shotgun down a woman’s throat.  NOT THE SAME, Karl!


Karl Heideck photo

Now I know, I know, saying that “someone” should shove a shotgun down my throat and him not actually threatening to do it himself doesn’t constitute assault.  See, I may not be an attorney, but I do know that much.  But from an ethical standpoint – which had been where my laurels were entirely resting in the Vice article – it’s disgusting.

A woman I may be, but I’m not powerless. I called and left a message with the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and I will be filing a complaint with my local police district as well.

So here’s a message to anyone that thinks it’s okay to harass a woman for any reason: it’s not.  Maybe you’ll be “lucky” and pick on someone too timid to stand up to you, but in this particular instance, you fucked with the wrong person, Karl.

Update:  10/13/14, 9:02 PM

My surly friend, Sockrates Jones decided to come to my defense:


While Sockrates’ comment was immediately removed, it was followed up by a private message on Facebook asking who he is and calling him “Felicia”.  No mention of shotguns down throats.  I can only assume this is because in addition to being a coward, Karl Heideck is also a misogynist. I mean, it was pretty clear before, but at this point, it’s the only real conclusion I can come to.  Clearly full of vitriol for the ladies, he appears to be too terrified to engage another male, even if it’s a sock puppet with a hankering for Natty Ice.

Update: 10/13/14, 9:23PM

And here we have another example of the charming Mr. Heideck suggesting eating shotguns:

shotgun comment


Apparently the thought of women swallowing shotguns has been appealing to Mr. Heideck for quite some time.  I am at least uplifted by his lack of creativity and ability to see me not as the unique snowflake I am by perhaps suggesting another form of homicide be committed upon me, but rather that other women should also “eat a shotgun”.  Rather than be intimidated and delete my own comments or even this post, I’ll continue digging around to see what else I can find.

It’s going to be a really fun conversation with the Disciplinary Board for District 2 tomorrow when I call again.  Because, you see, I will be going to the police and I will be filing harassment charges and according to the PA Code of Conduct for attorneys, cases involving attorneys in their personal capacity can indeed spill over into their professional life.   See, Karl:  “A pattern of repeated offenses, even ones of minor significance when considered separately, can indicate indifference to legal obligation.”

Update: 10/14/14, 10:30 AM

I heard back from the Disciplinary Board, who assured me that they take these types of complaints seriously, and encouraged me to file a complaint.  I’ve faxed over the documentation this morning and they will begin their investigation.

Redacted forms are below:



complaint 2


Update:  2/10/2016 

Well, friends, it appears that Heideck has had a change of heart.Capture

Do I think it’s sincere?  No.

Did I respond?  No.

If you’re one of the many women that have contacted me about his persistent harassment of you, check your inboxes to see if you received a contrite apology as well.  Perhaps you will find yourself in a more forgiving place.

But as for me, I am not and here’s why.

I am not just a woman.  I am a survivor.  And it’s doubly offensive to me that anyone thinks it’s appropriate to speak to me in such a manner, make threats against me, taunt me for pursuing legal avenues and for reporting this as a crime.

I am tired of men thinking it’s acceptable to treat women this way.  Frankly, I’m tired of anyone thinking it’s okay to treat anyone like this.

I am tired of women being shamed for what we wear, how we look, how we speak, what we choose for our professions, how much we drink, how we choose to socialize and not just being shamed but actually being penalized.

If you want to understand how frustrating this is for a woman, consider this:  The first time I was raped (yes, it’s happened more than once), the person was never even caught.  The police took a report and never even bothered to have me get with a sketch artist so they could try to find the person.  The second time it happened, the police had a recording of the assailant admitting I did not consent and even that wasn’t even enough for the State Prosecutor to feel they could get a conviction.  I was advised to allow him to plead down from two felony charges to a single misdemeanor, which he promptly accepted and had expunged from his record a year later.

I ask…how do I expunge this from my own record?  I cannot.  I get to live with the consequences of it for the rest of my life.

When the “justice system” wants to start actually doling out justice, I’ll be here, waiting as patiently as ever.  But until then, I have the right to not accept an apology that I don’t think is sincere and I am exercising that right.

What Heideck did is NOT okay.  Not in my book and hopefully not in yours either.  Apologizing years later for his persistent abuse, not just of me but of many other women who have reached out to me to share their experiences with him, is simply not enough.

Update: 04/06/2017

I’m not sure what’s been happening in the world of Karl Heideck lately, but today, a slew of you have found this post and commented so I can only ascertain that he may be up to his old tricks.

Here’s his blog if you’d like to tell him what you think of him directly, although based on some previous comments here, he very clearly still enjoys coming back to this post about himself.


Update: 06/15/2017

I’ve received some comments from folks that take SEO-type contract work informing me that Heideck has been posting jobs essentially trying to bury this post and hide his true character.  I suppose in the way traditional SEO works, this makes sense.  If he has a bunch of little writers and copy-editors and SEO folk hammering away blog posts and comments he’ll bury me, right?  Yeah, he did for a while but the truth is that once those payments clear, the very people that have taken those jobs have tended to come here to tell me about it, thus making his plans ineffective.  And I am nothing if not dedicated.

Two years after all of this began, Heideck began trying to change his image, or at least that’s how it appeared from his seemingly “heartfelt” apology.  But the truth is that he hasn’t changed.  Not according to what I’m easily able to find online, anyway.  Here’s a sample of some of replies he’s gotten since his “apology”.  I’m sorry that I don’t have time to track down the original things he’s said since my last major update but based on what people are saying back to him, I can only imagine what he’s actually said.  Also, he’s since blocked me on Twitter and called me his stalker rather than the truth which is that he’s a piece of shit who likes to troll and harass people online and then gaslight them into thinking THEY are the problem.  Karl, it’s YOU.

Now, with all of that out of the way, here’s what I’d ask of you if you’ve found your way to this post:

  1.  SHARE THIS POST on all of your social media accounts to keep the Google ranking high
  2. If you’re asked to help him write blog posts or other SEO work to help “improve his image”, please don’t accept.   There are plenty of other opportunities out there and you won’t have to feel like you’re helping the scum of the earth just to get a few bucks.
  3. Speaking of a few bucks, let me know what he’s paying. Maybe I’ll match or even beat it.
  4. Comment!  Comment again!  Comment again!
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34 Comments on “Karl Heideck: And the Death Threats Begin

  1. Good for you- you are strong, beautiful and definitely not powerless!!! <3 you!

    • Not sure what this guy’s problem is, but he’s definitely not well. I recently had an interaction with him that was quite disturbing. On a neighborhood page, discussing political matters, he lashed out at me, stating: “Poor Cecil the lion…somebody went all the way to Zimbabwe to kill him, when Lee had a perfectly good dog right here.” Although not a direct threat to kill my dog or harm her, the suggestion was the same, causing me both fear and anger…that it would have been just as good for someone to kill my beloved pet as kill that poor lion recently shot with an arrow, skinned and beheaded in Zimbabwe is a statement born of such depravity it boggles my mind. I found this page and discovered this is very sick pattern of behavior.

      • I’m sorry this happened to you as well. He is a very sick individual and believes he’s getting away with the abuse so he continues to do this.

    • Homeboy is still at it. Apparently disagreeing with him means you are a pedophile. Man needs to just go away.

  2. Having known you your whole life i can say honestly…he stepped in deep shit, such a weak, sad little man.

    • Well, he’s clearly operating outside the law, Eileen. It’s a shame that people think they can do whatever they want with no consequences.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this! Good for you for going after this troll.

    • Someone has to! I’m still waiting to hear back from the other blogger to see if she had pursued anything, which I hope she either did or will join me in doing.

  4. Hi Lisa! I just thought you’d like to know that the disciplinary board has apparently laughed you off.

    • Hi “Karl”! What’s great about the Internet is that now you’ve been memorialized as a misogynist that goes out of their way to harass women. Google is great and you’ve left the kind of legacy that little, cowardly internet trolls work so hard to achieve. This article comes up page rank 3 when “Karl Heideck” is searched.

  5. I knew Karl many years back when he was a camp counselor. This is not the man I thought I knew. He was much better than this. When campers would get into fights or misbehave he was the first person to break them up. He was also very supportive of people when they were upset or feeling down.

    Something changed in him. He appears to have fallen into a very dark place and has a heart filled with hatred. I really hope he gets the help he needs and doesn’t pose a threat to himself and others. I hope he finds light. I am so sorry that you experienced this.

    • I also knew him several years ago. We weren’t at all close, but I regarded him as a friendly and fun guy. Then I fell on the wrong side of a vicious tirade from him, quite out of the blue, and quickly discovered that I wasn’t alone. I agree that something changed and I hope he finds help.

  6. Well, He’s trying to clean up his image. I was just asked by Textbroker.com to write an article about him and the process of litigation. In the course of research, I found this complaint as the very first result from Google.

    I won’t be writing the article. I am not going to contribute to his efforts to crawl out of the hole he has dug himself into. He should find a new career. He clearly cannot handle stress.

    • Lol, you should take the gig, and talk about dispute resolution surrounding firearms.

  7. I am cracking up because I’ve been hired to ghostwrite a piece about this guy. Normally, it’s mundane “this businessman does business, blah blah blah,” but when the instructions said “don’t write anything negative,” I thought something was fishy.

    The idiot ought to be writing something for his local law publication to garner press, not hiring people to casually mention him in law-based web articles.

  8. Well, well, well. Ah yes. Look who this blog entry is about. It is Karl Heideck aka Asshole Karl…the snarky libtard cunt who serves as living proof that if you’re over 30 and still voting liberal, you’re brainless.

    Hey Karl, you stupid slightly chubby bitch, did you get Daddy to find you your next office job too? Everyone knows that once you quit Conrad O’Brien, the only thing you were qualified to do was to serve as a glorified secretary for your parents’ law office. Must be nice to just be handed everything in life. Even Donald Trump and the Kartrashians had to work harder than you to get where they are.

    • I first read that as Conan O’Brien and was like….wait, how could he have possibly been successful there, he’s not even funny when he’s threatening people. It’s just the same old line over and over again. Conan would be mortified. LOL

  9. Oh. And another thing. You know someone is aging badly if he still uses a profile picture from almost 10 years ago…just saying!

  10. Hi Asshole Karl! Remember me?! Also, remember that delightful little online thread where you openly bashed people for daring to suggest that vegans and vegetarians would be able to breastfeed?

    I’ll be happy to let you know that I am now onto my SECOND child, and I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding her for a full year now…no formula needed…and although I’ve always consumed eggs, dairy, and occasional white fish, I STILL do not eat meat! WIthout meat, I was still able to consume 80-100g protein per day during my pregnancy, going on to birth an extremely healthy 8lb9oz baby girl. She has continued to thrive and grow ahead of the growth curve. So there goes your asinine argument that vegetarian mothers would starve their kids if they breastfed. Perhaps you should back up your arguments with actual scientific data and statistics, not just libtard bullshit logic.

      • Thank you! 🙂 But yes, I know Karl Heideck from real life. My best friend used him as a booty call a few times while calling him “Asshole Karl” behind his back the entire time. Years ago we both would hang out with Karl when we were bored lol. When I showed her this blog entry, she immediately found it hilarious that he’s dug himself into a hole, while proclaiming that this blog shows that “Asshole Karl” is hands down the most accurate nickname she ever gave anyone.

  11. What an absolute jackass. I applaud you. Keep up that good stuff, girl.

    • First, thank you so much for bringing to my attention that he is STILL hiring contract workers to improve his online image. What I find so interesting about this is that it’s like pissing in the wind considering that he’s STILL ACTIVELY saying offensive things to people!

  12. I find it kind of sad that this is on page 5, when findagrave entries are on page 4. I mean, common – can we just work together to make this post jump a little higher? It is interesting though that he still doesn’t get it. He’s calling you a GamerGater, as if that’s what this is about. For someone supposedly in law, he is doing a very bad job of parsing the details of language.

  13. Can confirm- went to summer camp with him, but he really only started showing his ass-holery as an adult on facebook. Ever the coward, he loved to pick fights with people who he deemed not left enough (I consider myself to be pretty far left) and then block them. He really is the worst representation of a leftist I’ve ever encountered and completely allergic to reasonable discourse. Pretty glad I’ll never hear from him again. I’m sorry you had to encounter his violent and misogynistic behavior. Keep fighting the good fight.

  14. Am woman. Can confirm. Karl Heideck is egotistical, scary, and short-tempered. I would not want to be alone in a room with Karl Heideck.

  15. Thank you so much. Karl Heideck tried to abuse me on a thread using all kindsof names. I found your page and posted it on the FB thread. Strangely then he went quiet and later deleted his posts. Thank you so much for being clever, brave and smarter than him.

  16. He’s on Facebook right now being emotional AF. I’m hoping my comment here and shares of this list on all of my social media platforms will help to keep this article’s Google ranking high. Currently was on #5.

    • Thanks for popping in and letting me know! I’ve still got him blocked but I’m sure he’s trying to garner all of the sympathy he thinks he can. He sure does love to turn tragedies into personal narratives.