Promenade Benches, 2007

Promenade Benches, 2007

Again with The Promenade.  As you can tell, it was clearly one of my favorite places while I lived in New York City.

I happen to love symmetry, which you will see as a recurring theme in my art.  One thing I love about this image is that it seems like these benches are infinite.  In a city so overpopulated and crowded and, at times, downright mean, this was a place to stop and rest on a seemingly never-ending stretch of wood and metal.

Another thing I love about it is the clear evidence of human existence.  A sole section of The New York Times rests, soggy, on the closest bench.  I spent quite a bit of time creating fiction and crafting images of the person that left this behind.

It was quite a little tale.


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