Vintage, 2013



Because I’m fortunate enough to work in an industry that shuts down the last week of each year, I generally spend the time with family and meandering New York City.  Some of the obligatory places that time of year are Earrings Plaza (my jewelry secret is out, oh no!), Macy’s Herald Square, Maison du Chocolat in Rockefeller Center and of course a brief walk through Central Park.

At that time of year, I also brave the crowd to get a good look at the window displays in some of the high end stores like Saks.  This particular gem was part of a display which I unfortunately don’t remember from which store.  In any case, all of the windows were throwbacks to a classier time and I found them inspirational.

One of the things I love about this photograph is that I was able to use the light to my advantage and create a mystery woman.  She could be anything you want her to be.  She may be holding a martini or a tree branch.  If you ask nicely, I may tell you which one it is.

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