Infinite Sea, 2011


Visitors to Key West flock to the buoy that marks the “Southernmost Point of the US”.  This, like most things, is debatable.  There’s an argument that it is not, in fact, 90 miles, but a tad bit further.  And of course there’s the question about whether or not this really IS as far as the U.S. goes before entering Cuban territory.

Regardless, I found myself here after too many margaritas and a fruitless search for a lost shaker of salt.

To this.  This stunning beauty.

But when I looked out there, into the expanse of turquoise and teal and watched as the surf kicked up the sand upon the shore, all I could think about was the desperation of those subjecting themselves to an inner tube across this space in the pursuit of “The American Dream.”

I grew up in South Florida.

And there have been countless times I’ve wanted to throw a message in a bottle with the words:  ES UNA FALACIA.

It is a fallacy.


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