Light, 2013

Light, 2013For various reasons, I found myself spending a significant amount of time in the CNY as it is affectionately known (or Central New York or even Upstate New York to most of the rest of the world) in 2013.

There are so many beautiful things about this particular place and it pulls on my heartstrings every time I have to leave it.

The first time I entered this building, I was drawn to the architecture and frankly, the light.  I found myself watching the shadows as I made my way up and down this staircase myriad times and I always promised myself I would photograph it.

It took a while for me to get around to it, but this was the result and I am thrilled with it.  What lies beyond that door?  How many shoes have scuffed that floor in the many years the house has existed?  What happened to the artisans that hewed unwieldy pieces of wood into these ornate banisters?

But, more importantly, why aren’t such things given the attention or value they deserve?


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