Esterházy, 2008


In 2008, I had the opportunity to travel to Vienna (Austria) and Sopron (Hungary).  I was in Hungary’s wine region for a friend’s sister’s wedding.  As a total aside, European weddings are absolutely amazing and I loved having the opportunity to absorb the local culture.  The people were warm and friendly despite my inability to say niceties; a most unusual thing for me.

Towards the end of my trip, my friend’s father had us hop in the car and drove us around to local sites.  Castle Esterhazy was one of those places  This was one of the most aesthetically pleasing and relaxing places I have ever been.  The grounds were serene and full of photo opportunities.  This one, out of hundreds from that adventure, is my favorite.

Should you have a chance to visit Hungary, remember that beyond Budapest lies an entire country just waiting to be explored.

My souvenir from that trip was a reminder painted on my skin.  A tattoo that reads “békésen élni” – live peacefully.

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