Things Half Hidden, 2012

423903_3247108733557_1099921054_n“So long ago, I don’t remember when, that’s when they said I lost my only friend.”  And just like that, so long ago, I don’t remember when…I became obsessed with angles and things half hidden.  I’ve read that the people that others consider the most attractive are the ones with symmetrical faces.

I’ve decided not to judge my own.

And in doing so, began enjoying taking these photos.  There are so many questions that come to mind:  What is she thinking?  Is that a smile or a smirk?  Where is she going?  What kind of woman is she?  Is she a rebel?  What is this pause that’s been captured?  So on and so forth.

There are easy answers to these questions, but as I’m the model (as it were), I am not going to reveal or dissect it.

I prefer when art makes us think, makes us question, makes us re-evaluate.  When it challenges us, when it motivates us and when it brings up emotions – positive or negative.

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